How I am getting 4000 – 5000 unique traffic a month without search engine

Six months ago I started a post about getting 200 unique a day without depending on search engine traffic.

Today I want to share another technique that will help you to get more targeted traffic to your site.  Take note this technique is very effective to promote affiliate products,  have high conversion rate if you do it right.

Actually this is not a new technique of getting targeted traffic, it so happened that many online marketers forgot it and are now very busy SEOing their site. This technique was very famous as early as 2009 I guess, until yahoo answer do not allow level 1 member to put clickable links on their answers.

I found out that I can still get good traffic from Q and A sites as early as February this year. In my case it’s an accidental discovery, my original purpose  only is to gain backlink from these sites.

Last February, I ask one of my staff to send back links to two of my sites,  and one of the source of the link is q and a sites. He did not mentioned that he answered more than 30 questions for each site that he is promoting.

I only discovered this when I saw the source of traffic in my google analytics.  When I ask him, he told me that he answered many question and leave a link to the website he is promoting.
Here are the screenshots…


Screen shot of the first site for 1 month March 12 – April 12

Here is the screenshot for the second website

This is the second site for 1 month March 12 - April 12

This is the second site for 1 month March 12 – April 12

Does the screen shot is not enough prof that Q and A site are still good source of traffic? Here is a screenshot of my new sites.

Screenshot of traffic from april 5-15

Screenshot of traffic from april 5-15

The above traffic is screen shot of my google analytics from april 5 – 15. The site is relatively new

Screenshot from april 12 - 15

Screenshot from april 12 – 15

The above screenshot is a screenshot of my google analtyics traffic source for my 5 day old website.

One of my customer email me back when I sent this technique to my list, he said, why I am giving away this information for free. I can create a report and sell it for $7  or 17 a copy.

Well, it’s a small piece of information that I want share to my subscribers and blog readers.

Anyway most of them are my customers at, and if they do not have time to do it their self they can request us to do it for them.

It’s a win win situation, they learned a new technique that they can implement to gain more traffic at the same time if they prefer to outsource the job to  us we will earn.

BTW here are some of the question and answer websites that you can try

thefreequentlyaskquestion,,, yahoo answer, quora, aolanswer, and there are many more sites out there which we did not tried it yet.

If you do not have time to do it your self this technique but want to implement to your website. Join and let us do the job for you at very affordable price.

You can use the following discount code  summer2013 to buy credit for as low as $5 per credit instead of $8 per credit. To use the discount code please follow this link


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According to LinkedIn my account is one of the top 5% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012

Last night, I received an email from LinkedIn, with the subject line “Congratulations! You have one of the top 5% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012.


I ask some of my connection whom I know are active member of linkedin and most of them told me that they did not. So  Other said that they are top 10% in specific country. I am not really sure what this mean.

Maybe one of linkedin marketing strategy to encourage members to become more active get more exposure.

Linkedin is still the number one place to find connection, if you are looking people that are involve in internet marketing or business owners.

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Part 2 : After Panda & Penguin Update What Link Building That Works?

Here is my second answer to the question “After
Panda & Penguin Update What Link Building That

Video Marketing And Slide Share Marketing

With the recent popularity of video marketing, you
cannot disregard this as part of your online marketing.
Many online users prefer watching video rather
than reading articles.

This is the reason why youtube ranks number 3
in the most viewed and visited website in the world.
Youtube is averaging 800 million unique visitors
every month.
This is a clear indication that Internet users are shifting
from reading articles to watching videos.

Maybe you are asking now, what is the relationship
of video marketing to link building?

Do you still remember those days, when almost all
SEO gurus and Internet marketers tell everyone
to write an article and submit to article
directories? Article is very effective in gaining
back link those days, because Google loves article
directories and many Internet users republish
them on their websites and blogs.

When other people syndicate your article, you will
get free back links from the website of that person
who syndicated your article.

Like article marketing, video marketing is the
new trend now. Bloggers are embedding videos from
youtube to their blog posts to attract more
visitors. Many bloggers do not just embed videos
to their blogs; they are also sending
links to the website of the video owner
as a form of courtesy .

Beside from the free and high quality back link
that bloggers may give to your site. You may also
get targeted traffic from your youtube videos.

Have you seen those youtube videos showing in
google search result? What if the the video showing
in the serp is one of your videos? Imagine how many
traffic you will get from it.

If you are not using video marketing yet, I suggest
you consider using it as soon as possible.

Why did I include slide share marketing in my answer?

I discovered recently, that we can get high quality
back link from those slide share websites like
Also bloggers and website owners who like your
presentation may send back link to your website.

One more thing, I discovered also that you can
use slide share websites to rank a keywords fast
and easy, especially long tail keywords.

I hope I can discuss how to
earn from it in the future.

If you do not have time to create your own video
and power point presentation, try our video and
power point presentation services here

Thank you, watch out for my third answer…

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Why 3 tier or pyramid type of website will work?

Here are some of the reason why this link 
building technique will work if you do it right:
1. You are creating a blog that related to 
your target website. We both know that back link  
from related website is considered as quality
back link.
This is the reason why many seo guru is suggesting
to do guest blogging, to get back link from
site that related to your target url.
2. If you establish the authority of these blogs in
the long run, you can use them to gain high quality
back links to your new websites.
Since you established their authority, they are providing 
high quality back link to your website.
3. Since most web 2.0 sites are considered by google
as authority sites, your blogs will become
authority faster.
4. These blogs can rank faster in google search
result than new website. They will be a good
source of traffic
If you do not have a time to do it your self, try
our 3 tier link building services at
One more note, if you submit your high quality 
articles to other  blogs or article directories.
If they rank high from search engine and got 
tones of traffic the owner of the blog will
earn from your hard work, but if your web 2.0 blog
will get tones of traffic you can monetized it
and keep the earnings 100%.
If you have any question or suggestion about this
topic please let me know...
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Three Tier or Pyramid Link Building Technique

“After the panda and penguin update what link building are you still considering that works and will work?”

A question from an old SEO customer, I want to share with you my answer to this  question. Maybe you can share your thoughts and answer also in this  question.

After the two updates, all seo practitioner  believes that to rank your site in google SERP you need a quality back links. It is no longer the  more back link you have the higher rank your site will get. But of course the more high quality back link you get the better your ranking.

This is the reason why guest blogging become very popular to SEO world. The advantage of this  technique is that you will surely get a quality back links from sites that related to your site.  Also if the blog that accept your article is famous and have
tones of traffic, for sure you will get traffic from the blog also.

The only problem with this technique is that you  need to write a super high quality article that impress the blog owner. Having an article with high quality content is not an assurance that the owner of the blog will accept and publish your article.

Guest blogging is a long process, it’s a waiting game.

Why not create your own seo backbone?

Instead of begging blog owners to post your high quality article, why not use those article to build your own seo backbone?
For me I prefer to create my own blogs from web 2.0 sites. I will post articles on them at least twice a month put some back link on them to build their authority.

Many SEO gurus called this as three tier or pyramid type of link building.

You will focus on building the authority of the site where your link is located.

Here is an example of this technique that works  and I believe will still work in the future.

Let’s say you build 20 blogs from 20 web 2.0 sites like blogger, wordpress, livejournal, tumblr, etc. Post at least 2 initial content of the blogs, submit the blog rss feeds to at least 10 rss feed directories.

Now build the second tier, create 2 or 3 blogs  that will point back link to each blog in the first tier blogs. That is 3 X 20 equals 60 blogs.  Also I suggest that you will submit the first tier to at least 20 sbm each, and 20 authority sites.

On the third tier, submit the rss feeds of those 60 blogs to rss feed directories, bookmark them to at least 20 top sbm, and 10 authority sites.

While time goes, you can increase the back link of the blogs in the second tier. And also post from time to time on both first and second tier.  These blogs will be your SEO backbone in the long run.

You can create new blog in the first tier in the future, and use the blogs in the second tier to
get back links on them.

It is a long process, but it is worth to invest  your time and money.

That is my first answer to the question above.

On my next post I will tell you my second answer  to that question.

If you do not have time to do this task, at we are offering this service.

If you have any questions or comment regarding my first answer I will be happy to hear.

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Learn How I Earn $1,800 In Two Months From An Ugly And Almost Forgotten Website

Since I posted the topic about “in 14 days I made $265 from I thought dead site” in one of my site (It’s a filipino language blog) , numerous people have approached me asking if I can share with them how I did it. In that post I mentioned that the site is about phone number website.

This is all about phone number website, wherein the site lists all possible combination of phone numbers all across the US. And by the time there is someone who searches for a US phone number in the US, there will be a likely chance that my website will appear. I am  earning money using affiliate program that is related to the said niche. Spokeo is the affiliate program I’ve been using.

I have become affiliate member of Spokeo last October 16, 2012. To date, I have already made $1,800 in terms of profits. This is a clear proof that anyone can earn money with this type of niche. You have to also take note that having this website is not complicated. It is a setup and forget type of website.

For the past two months, many people have been bugging me to tell them how I did it. But I always say to them to give me more time to ensure that my first website will really work out.

After one month, my second website has begun to gather traffic and currently, it has an average of 100+ unique visitors per day. I have also applied it to other affiliate programs to test if I can earn less or more income using the same principle.

So, if in one month my website has already accumulated great amount of traffic coming from search engine, it is safe to assume that this type of website could be easily ranked on search engines and could likewise gather traffic in no time.

As what Internet Gurus said, “Traffic is money when it comes to online marketing.” Let’s say I have 100 unique visitors per day but my conversion will only be one percent. I can guarantee $13 per day commission if I will promote  Spokeo affiliate program. Within the span of 30 days, I could expect $390 in terms of profits. What if I will create 10 more sites that could possibly earn, say, $200 a month? In one month, I can have $2000. Right now, I am building my 10 other sites. After 1-2 months, I will share with you all if I have met my target of $2000 a month from these 10 phone number websites.

For those who want to get started with this type of website, here is what exactly I did in my two websites:

•    I have registered a domain related to phone number niche ( My suggestion when it comes to TLD is to use .org or .com.
•    Afterwards, I have purchased hosting space. You need a reliable webhosting for this type of site so when the time comes you have accumulated great amount of traffic, you will not worry about its possibility of having any problems.
•    Create a custom script for this type of website. If you are a coder, you can create your own script or if you have a budget, you can hire someone who can create a script for you. Experts may charge you $100 – $ 200 depending on the features you wish to include on the script. Or, you can get my script right now absolutely for FREE. I will give you the details later.
•    Install the script and ensure everything is working fine.
•    Link building – this is essential to let your site generate traffic. But don’t worry. You don’t have to be an SEO guru to do this. I have only used simple and basic link building techniques on my two websites.

a)    You only need to have 3-5 SBM per day (Just remember not to have a pattern in your promotion. Google might detect that your back links are not natural.)

b)    You also need 2 sets of UAW submission per week (If you do not have a UAW account or you do not have budget for it, you can instead spin your articles and distribute it to article directories. But you don’t fret if you don’t know how to write articles, as there are other link building techniques that you can take advantage of and would not require article. Examples of these methods are article directory submission, blog commenting and forum public profile).

c)    RSS Feed submission (Create static RSS feed as many as you can. (You can create static page RSS feed for this site

d)    Authority public profile back links (This is just optional but I already did this soon after my website was included in search engine rankings.)

Do these link building techniques gradually in 1 ½ months to avoid being penalized. You have to be patient. Being patience can save you from troubles of not earning money if you choose to rush all things.

•    Analytics – It is important to monitor your website’s traffic status to know if you are doing it right or you have to adjust something in your method.

•    Monetize – This is the last part I have done in the process. If you see positive results and your website’s traffic increases, find a way to monetize it. You can monetize it simply by using AdSense or other Pay Per Click Programs. Furthermore, you can base your promotion according to what I have done to promote affiliate product. So far, Spokeo is the only program I have tested. I’m testing new ones as of now. If it is has positive results, I will give you updates.

That’s all! The pointers mentioned above are the ones I have used and done to make my website works! Basically, anyone can follow what I have done. If I’m currently earning $800+ per month just because I’ve followed the process stated above, I’m certain that all of you will have the potential to also earn as much as I’m earning, or even more than mine two months from now!

How Can You Get The Script I’ve Used On My Websites For Free?

If you are interested to have this type of website and earn as much as I’m earning right now from my phone number website, but you can’t create your own script or you don’t have the money to pay for someone else, here is how you can have the script I used on Also, included here is the database of all states and cities in the US:

1.    Register a domain from using my affiliate link. If you want to have this type of website, you need to have, of course, a domain. All you have to do is to use my affiliate link to buy your domain.
2.    Buy web hosting from bluehost using my affiliate link. I recommend their service for this type of website. Just like domain, this is also a requirement for you to have your own website.
3.    Once you have bought your own domain and hosting using my affiliate link, send me an e-mail of your receipt from and bluehost. My email is
4.    This is optional. If you want  me to install the script on your server, please provide me your hosting login details.

That wraps it up! I hope to hear from you after two months and share with us your success story.

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Follow up to my last blog post about getting free traffic from social media sites

In my last post about getting more than 200 free traffic I focus the source of free traffic from facebook, linkedin and google plus.  On this blog post I want to add youtube as another good source of targeted free traffic without creating your own video.

Maybe you know already that youtube is the top 3 of the most traffic website in the world. And there are many claims already that you can get tons of traffic from Youtube by submitting your own video.

No! You do not need to submit your own video to get thousand of traffic from youtube. This strategy is easier in my opinion. With this strategy you can take advantage all those high viewed videos in your niche.

All you have to do is search videos that related to your niche. I suggest that you  select those videos that rank in google  search, when you search your target keyword or those videos that have high view. After finding a video that you think getting tons of traffic. Leave a comment on it and  at the end of your comment be sure to include a call of action. If you don’t, then it’s use less to leave your comment there.

For example: You’re viewing one of tom cruise movie, I enjoy this movie and of course I really like tom cruise I even created my own site that dedicated to tom cruise.  Read some of my reviews about Tom Cruise at yourlink

But you can not enter a live url at youtube comments.  You need to shorten the urls, use, tinyurl, or other shortening tools out there. Then when posting the url in your comment just remove the http://. To post a url I suggest something like this . I just added the ?a=marketing at the end of the url so that youtube will not identify it as url. You can also do something like this edpudol”.”com remove ” when pasting to your browser address bar.

You need to ensure that your comment is always on the top of all comments,  so that when visitors of the video read the comments,  they will see your comment first.   Your objective is to include your comment to the  top 2 comments of the video. Here is a little trick that you can use to ensure that your comment will be included in the top comments.

Your comment must have vote up, the more vote up the better to ensure its position. Beside vote up, you also need reply to your comment so that it will not look like spam comment.

This is a powerful strategy to get high targeted traffic from high traffic youtube videos. You should implement this technique if you want to get free targeted traffic.

If you can’t get vote up from your friends or network, try we are offering this service there. You don’t need to join as subscriber if you don’t like it. You can buy a credit for as low as $5.5 credit using the following discount code specialoct at the following url You can use the credit to request task from members area.

For 20 vote up plus 5 comments you will only pay .4 credits, 30 vote eup plus 5 comments is .6 credits, and for 50 vote up plus 5 comments is 1 credit only.

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How I am getting 200+ unique traffic a day without depending on search engine

Yesterday, while chatting with one of my online friend, she ask me how is the traffic of my personal blog  I told her that the blog is averaging 200+ unique a day.  Then she ask me if they are from search engine. I said no. After that, she started asking me to many questions :).

here are some of them, How the hell you get traffic without doing SEO? Will you share your secrets to me? So does SEO is not needed to get traffic? Are you paying ads to get traffic?

Woooo! I don’t know which one to answer first.

I copy and paste our conversation here, I just corrected some wrong spelling

How the hell you get traffic without doing SEO?

Indirectly I am doing SEO for this blog, but I am not focusing on the traditional SEO ways. If people like what I am posting in my blog, let them spread it. I am focusing on creating content that I believe have value to others.  That’s the way I do SEO for this blog. The traffic are from different social media and related niche forums.

Will you share your secrets to me?

LOL, actually they are not secrets, they are been around for long time, it so happened that many of us put our selves in a box, believing that SEO is the only way to get huge targeted traffic.  I already told you this before,  besides SEO, use social media, web 2.0, and forum as a source of traffic.

Here are the details of what I am doing:

Linkedin, facebook, gplus – I joined groups that related to my blog, I only join groups that have more than 2000 members. From time to time I am visiting those groups and leave comments or like if I found something interesting. This will help me to be noticed by other member of the groups.

After creating my blog post, I share the URL to my wall, then share to all the groups that are related to my blog niche. Sometimes there are members of the group who like my blog entry and recommend to their visitors to read my blog post.  See, I did not ask and beg them to give me back link.

Other members share the link of my blog entry. Imagine, if 100 of them share the link and each of them have 500 friends. Meaning there are already 5,000 potential visitors of my blog entry.  Some of them are very influential, where their friends, networks, and followers will surely visit the link they are recommending.

Note : I use different username for each niche I want to promote to social media sites.

So does SEO is not needed to get traffic?

I am not saying that, but while you’re waiting for the result of all your SEO works, find other ways to gain traffic to your website. We can not depend 100% on search engine traffic, because there are no assurance that when search engines change or adjust their algorithm our site will not be affected.

  Are you paying ads to get traffic?

No! And I don’t have plan to pay for my blog traffic. I invest 30 minutes a day to interact with the groups I belong.

That’s part of our conversation, how I am getting 200+ unique a day from social media.  Focus in creating a valuable content then leverage social media to gain targeted traffic.

Do you have any question about this post? I am happy to hear it. Leave your comment and let’s talk about it..

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Why other EMD sites were not affected by the recent update

If you’re one of those who was affected by the recent EMD
crackdown of Google and wondering why other EMD sites are still
there,strong and some of them are even climb higher position.

Here is the result of our investigation to our 50 EMD sites, some
of them are affected and many of them was not affected.

1. Most of the sites that remain and even climb to their rankings
was shared more than 50 times in facebook, twitter, linkedin,
google plus, and youtube

2. All of the 39 sites have their own youtube channels while the 11
sites affected have no channels in youtube.

3. All 39 sites only have 3% or lower keyword density

4. Keyword has been use in the title combine with other phrase or

5. Keyword has been use in the h1 tag, combine with other phrase or

6. All affected site use more than 30% of the keyword as anchor
text while the 39 sites only use 20% or lower as anchor text.

7. All 39 sites have more than 15 post and the 11 sites have only
2-4 post

8. And lastly to our observation is that all our site that was not
affected have link to one or more authority sites related to it.
For example one of our niche is about SEO we link to,
SEOmoz, and

We tried to fix this problem with our 11 sites, hope in the next
few days or weeks they will recover.

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How to get motivated, after loosing your motivation?

Have you ever experience the feeling of wanting to give up what you are doing, your dreams, your works, or your projects? For the reason that; you feel no progress of what you are doing no matter how hard work you do. If yes, then welcome to the club :). Most of us in some point of our lives get in this stage. It’s a human nature that I believe there is no way to change it. Even best athletes in the world have their days of less or not motivated.

Here are some reasons in my experience why I  lose my motivations?

  • Tired- At the beginning  stage of a new project I am very excited and motivated. I want to complete this project , I can’t wait for next week to see the result.  What I did is work almost all the time, seems 24 hours a day is not enough for me. Two hours sleep is very long, I need to wake up and continue my project.

    I still remember one time my wife told me that I love more my laptop than her because I spend more time to my laptop than to her, I don’t know if she is joking or not  :). After a week of hard work and sleepless nights, I found my self losing my drive to work, not as excited as week before.I was very busy for the entire week no social life. Eating, showering, and sleeping is the only time of my rest. Since my body and mind is very tired already, I am no longer productive which cause me to lose my motivation.
  • Bored - I bet you agree with me if I say that in some point of your life, you feel dull. Ah! Here I am again sitting in front of my laptop, checking my email inbox, checking my facebook account, googling, chatting with customers, employees, and colleagues, posting in the forum, replying support, marketing my services, lunch time, then go back to my laptop and continue what I am doing, oh it’s dinner time, I am done, back in front of my laptop, yes! it’s 1:00 AM time to sleep.
    I remember this is also my routine last Monday, Same On Tuesday, Same Yesterday, And I guess tomorrow also :). I feel bored I don’t wan to work any more I want changes and I lose my motivation.
  • To much expectation – When I got a new idea I really feel excited on this idea and most of the time I am expecting to much from this idea. This is it, I will be a millionaire from this idea in 1 month. But after a month nothing happens with the idea I am expecting to make me millionaire. What happen? I lose my motivation to continue the brilliant idea that in the beginning I believe it will works.
  • Distractions - I discuss this topic in my previous blog entry. One of the biggest reason why many of us lose our motivation is distractions.  We are not productive the whole day long because of so many distractions that we are entertaining, which is not part of our daily tasks. Some of them are chatting, FB, checking emails from time to time, watching tv, and other distractions. At the end of the day we feel frustrated of the result of our one day work.
  • Lose of interest – This is the last reason in my experience why I lose motivation. There are works or ideas that I want to implement right away but because of delays and other reason I lose my interest to that idea or work.

How to get motivated again?

  • Get Some Rest – If machines need rest, then human deserve to get more rest. If you’re think that you will be more productive if you work 24 hours a day, then I tell you, you are wrong.  We can not work and think well if our body and mind is tired. We are risking our health instead. Our body needs at least 7-8 hours sleep to regenerate our energies. If you get enough sleep and rest, you will never lose your drive to work for  your goals.
  • Have a breakWhen you feel bored, stop what you are doing.  Go out and have some fun. You can go to the mall and shop, if you don’t have money for shopping then watch movie :). 
    You can ask your friends, wife, husband , or children to do something different like cooking for a change. Or maybe you need a 1 week vacation to the beach to inhale fresh air. Bottom line is to fine a way that make you relax and  help you restore your motivation.  As soon as you feel motivated again go back to what you are doing before you have a break.
  • Watch  or listen inspirational audio and videos  –  Inspiration videos, quotes, and audios are very powerful to restore our motivations. I’ve proven this many times.
  • Do Not Entertain Distractions – Why many of us are not productive? Because we entertain to much distractions in our daily tasks. For examples chatting, opening our emails from time to time, reading twitter and facebook messages, sharing pictures, and many more.  The best solution to avoid all these distractions is to write your to do list before you start your day. Since all the distractions are not part of your to do list you will not entertain them , you will then only focusing on what listed in your to do list.  You will become more productive and more motivated by following this tip.

That’s all folks.. thanks for dropping by, I love to hear your comments, questions or suggestion in the comment box.


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