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  1. Hi Ed,

    I sent the below email to but just in case.

    My name is Michael and I was referred to you by Paul Barrs as being something that can potentially help me out in a SOS niche link building type situation. Basically I had two botched link building jobs and now need to come up with a solution to at least give my guy his money worth otherwise I’ll be up for a large refund (which is quite frankly money I don’t have at my disposal).

    Here’s the brief run-down:

    1) I run a small offline marketing business and specialize in SEO. I make most of my money providing link building services which I currently outsource. I have 10 monthly Clients at the moment. I’m in need of a reliable link builder for my Clients going forward as I need time to re-position myself – you see my strength is definitely on the marketing side and for too long I’ve been doing tasks I hate. So yeah not positioned correctly now in my own business and career but that’s not the topic of this email just mentioning so you know where I’m coming from.

    2) Around 5 months ago I developed a strong working relationship with a contact I have in the U.S (I.m based in AU) and provided link building services for his Clients before.

    3) At that time I was using a couple of cheap/economical providers pre-Panda who always got the job done for my Clients and also his Clients but I decided to move on for a number of reasons (mainly being all the google updates and in the best interest of my Clients long term of course).

    4) So my contact and I had this whole discussion about “niche specific backlinks.” He has a number of attorney Clients and his whole argument was “how do I justify that his links are on a video game site.” So yeah he has to justify his links to his Clients for his own reasons.

    5) So we came up with an agreement and agreed on a price point of around $250/month for the niche specific backlinks for 3 of his Clients and his own personal site. This was after I contacted a freelance link building provider and we went through it a lot. Anyway what he came back was total opposite of what we talked about…links on a private blog network (definitely and the same server). Can show you these too.

    6) So I took blame and had to start all over again. I agreed to provide him something more solid in 2 weeks. So I found another provider and went through it again and we came up with the two attached strategies of which strategy 1 was agreed on. Anyway again what the provider came back with just recently was not acceptable and right now he can’t see the value in the $250/month he has paid me per Client. I agree with him.

    7) So right now I have a situation where I have under 2 weeks to come up with something more solid or I’ll be stuck with a large refund. Also it’s a reputation thing that hurts because he was relying on me. I can show you both sets of links but more so the second set so you know what we’re dealing with.

    8) This is what he came back with in his last email and these seem to be his expectations. I.e I’ve gone back to him and asked him if he’ll be happy with this:

    I still don’t know why you didn’t spin and syndicate the articles to the quality article directories…set up some quality web 2.0 sites like Squidoo lenses,, blogger, etc., etc., etc. make them look real pretty with images and all…fire off some tier two links to them and set up some forum profiles in the related niches (there’s 3 different niches so far) and post some quality and well-thought out comments in high pr forums related to the niche and call it a day.

    Hoping you can help me and can discuss this further. Either way would really appreciate your advice or help.

    Have also added you to skype.


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