Follow up to my last blog post about getting free traffic from social media sites

In my last post about getting more than 200 free traffic I focus the source of free traffic from facebook, linkedin and google plus.  On this blog post I want to add youtube as another good source of targeted free traffic without creating your own video.

Maybe you know already that youtube is the top 3 of the most traffic website in the world. And there are many claims already that you can get tons of traffic from Youtube by submitting your own video.

No! You do not need to submit your own video to get thousand of traffic from youtube. This strategy is easier in my opinion. With this strategy you can take advantage all those high viewed videos in your niche.

All you have to do is search videos that related to your niche. I suggest that you  select those videos that rank in google  search, when you search your target keyword or those videos that have high view. After finding a video that you think getting tons of traffic. Leave a comment on it and  at the end of your comment be sure to include a call of action. If you don’t, then it’s use less to leave your comment there.

For example: You’re viewing one of tom cruise movie, I enjoy this movie and of course I really like tom cruise I even created my own site that dedicated to tom cruise.  Read some of my reviews about Tom Cruise at yourlink

But you can not enter a live url at youtube comments.  You need to shorten the urls, use, tinyurl, or other shortening tools out there. Then when posting the url in your comment just remove the http://. To post a url I suggest something like this . I just added the ?a=marketing at the end of the url so that youtube will not identify it as url. You can also do something like this edpudol”.”com remove ” when pasting to your browser address bar.

You need to ensure that your comment is always on the top of all comments,  so that when visitors of the video read the comments,  they will see your comment first.   Your objective is to include your comment to the  top 2 comments of the video. Here is a little trick that you can use to ensure that your comment will be included in the top comments.

Your comment must have vote up, the more vote up the better to ensure its position. Beside vote up, you also need reply to your comment so that it will not look like spam comment.

This is a powerful strategy to get high targeted traffic from high traffic youtube videos. You should implement this technique if you want to get free targeted traffic.

If you can’t get vote up from your friends or network, try we are offering this service there. You don’t need to join as subscriber if you don’t like it. You can buy a credit for as low as $5.5 credit using the following discount code specialoct at the following url You can use the credit to request task from members area.

For 20 vote up plus 5 comments you will only pay .4 credits, 30 vote eup plus 5 comments is .6 credits, and for 50 vote up plus 5 comments is 1 credit only.

7 thoughts on “Follow up to my last blog post about getting free traffic from social media sites

  1. Ed has been a great friend and has helped me for many years with my sites and boosting them to where they can be seen! Great man who will help you, So stop on in and allow him to show you how fast he can get your site up and running!

    Thanks Ed! <:O)

  2. Personally I would stay away from this method. It is nothing more than comment spam. When people do this on my videos, they immediately get reported/flagged for spam, banned from posting more comments on my videos, and the comment is immediately removed.

    It’s super easy to tell when someone leaves a comment with the sole purpose of trying to get a link or trying to manipulate comment votes.

    1. The comment should be done nicely and correctly, I believe if the comment is good and the target site is related its worth to share isn’t?

    2. I agree with Ed … the comment can’t be a generic one like “hey wow great video amazing you are so clever I will definitely be back”. I delete that type from my posts but if the comment actually mentions something in the video specifically and comments on it in a sincere and intelligent way then that’s totally different. Nothing wrong with Ed’s strategy. Like any strategy it can be executed in either a smart or stupid way.

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