From house boy, construction worker, and security guard to seo company owner

I received a message from someone telling me to share my own success story.  Actually, I would like to reserve mine at the end. But ok, here we go. I would try to make this post as short as possible so you won’t get bored.  Ok, now here goes my success story working online.

I came from a very poor family in Abra, Philippines – the province of filthy politicians and goons. Despite our struggles, my mother pursued our education even up to the secondary level. After high school, I went to Manila and worked as a house boy in Ayala Alabang. While working, I enrolled at the Philippine College of Criminology since it has been my dream to become a police officer or an NBI agent.

But because Alabang is too far, I decided to look for another job and landed in construction works. It was then I realized how difficult it is to work and study at the same time because once I lose my job, where else can I get my tuition? When I was in the third year of my course BS Criminology, I lost my job and so I was forced to stop my education. But then again, I applied for another job as a Security Guard and was posted at Bataan Nuclear Housing.

Once again, I want to pursue my studies and so I requested to my superior to transfer me at the Department Of Tourism  (DOT) in Mt. Samat since it is closer to Balanga. And so I worked as a security guard at night in Mt. Samat hotel and walked all the way to my school with a friend. Every day we walk approximately 5 km uphill and 5 km downhill just to finish my studies and work at the same time. Finally, I graduated as a Computer Technician in 1997 and was hired right away by the same school where I graduated. While working, I also studied another course, which is Computer Science.

In 1999, I moved to another company wherein I helped the owner to put up a computer school. From 1999 to 2001, I became a school instructor. But because of low salary, I was forced to offer tutorials to my student. For that reason, I was terminated from my work due to what my boss considered as “conflict of interest”. During that time, I was totally broke. But because I don’t want to go home as a loser in Abra, I asked my friend who owns a computer shop in Gapan, Nueva Ecija to temporarily adopt me in return I will help them in their computer shop.

I was in that situation from 2002 to 2004. Nevertheless, I still tried to find a job as a computer programmer in Manila and was offered with a salary of Php 15,000. I told myself that I won’t get rich with that amount. Perhaps I would rather live the same life I used to have where I earned enough for the next pay day. Since I already have an idea how to earn money online (courtesy of my former employer who told me in 1999 that there is money on the Internet), I started creating my own website in January 2004.

I made it through with the help of a good Singaporean I met online, who helped me buy a domain and hosting. For the whole year, I tried everything – Affiliate programs, mlm, Adsense, Adhearus and many other systems – but none of them worked. I didn’t earn anything to the point that I even cheated Adsense, which resulted in the banning of my account. Imagine, the account which I worked on for three months was banned that early.

In March 2004, I began to learn SEO. I did this because I want to improve the rank of my website. During this time, I read a lot saying they earn money online within 3 to 6 months, however 7 months passed and I still don’t earn anything. But this doesn’t stop me from trying. I still to look for other ways on my own since I have no one to turn to who could assist me about SEO during that time. If ever there is a fellow Filipino who knew about SEO, it is more likely you need to pay for their service.

In December 2004, I came across a forum where they are selling domains and websites. Unintentionally, I posted my site there saying that I am selling it for $100. After 30 minutes, someone sent me a personal message and he said site sold. I was really surprised that someone will be interested to buy the site, which I worked on so hard for one year but didn’t earn anything. So I decided to give the site, and that is where my first $100 earning online came from. From that experience I realized that there is really money on the Internet.

I used that $100 to buy 5 domains, and then I created new sites of different topics, such as recipe site and photo site, and sell them. Before the end of 2004, I was able to earn $400 and that is where I started doing business online. I just simply buy domains, generate its content and sell it. In January of the following year, I told my friend that my girlfriend and I decided to live together.

But since I don’t have enough money yet to buy my own PC, I carry on with my online ventures by spending almost 16 hours in a computer shop. In fact, the owner of the shop where I am renting the unit even reserved it for me and never allowed anyone to use it. That is when I began earning money online. I collected different data on the Internet and convert it into a database before selling them to webmaster forums. At the same time, I also create websites, which I also sell later on.

At the end of January, I finally bought my own PC and set into my mind that if I want to earn more, I need to duplicate myself. As soon as I was able to buy my own unit, I hired my old student from Tacloban City. From site flipping to database buy and sell, together we concentrated on web designing and SEO. During that time, I spent hours until midnight working on the Internet. I even remember my wife saying that I love my PC more than her.

Then I met Major, Eli, Ross Dalangin, Apolo and many other Filipino online marketers. Our only way of communication is through forums so we haven’t really met each other in person, but because of the willingness to share each other’s knowledge, we all became friends. In 2007, I started as a membership site where I hired 9 additional staff. So from one staff, we now have ten team members. But in less than two months of operation, our office was robbed and all the units we are using are gone.

Luckily, one of my customers  (Peter Drew) from Australia offered to lend me $4,000, which I used to buy 7 laptops. From then on, the operation of lexorsoft continued from 7 staff to more or less 45 staff. Now I can say that I have gone a long way. Because of this online marketing, I was able to buy a house, a car (my first car is L300 then Strada, Montero, Pajero, Outlander and now Tucson) and a 2.5 hectares rice farm in Isabela. I was also able to help my siblings, buy any gadget and eat everything I want, as well as visit different places as I pleased.

Just like Zaldy, I was also very hesitant to enter restaurants before because I am afraid that my money won’t be enough. Indeed, online marketing and SEO changed my life big time. That’s why when Zaldy, Eli and other core members of invited me to join the group, and learn their mission and vision, I never had a second thought to join because we all have the same goal and that is to share what we are enjoying right now.

Most of all, what I really love about this group is the friendship we build to each and everyone. Perhaps learning more about how to make money online from this people is only secondary. So that is my story. I said I wanted to make it brief, but then again it goes a long way. There are few more stories not included on this post such as the funny experiences I had with Eli. Well, I hope my story will serve as an inspiration to many and I wish you all the best on this kind of venture.

8 thoughts on “From house boy, construction worker, and security guard to seo company owner

  1. A fantastic and interesting story. It’s always fascinating to read the details of other people’s lives – especially those from different cultures.
    And it’s very inspiring to learn how your determination and optimism made you overcome the obstacles that life threw at you. You’ve worked hard and it’s paid off.

  2. Hi Ed,

    Your story is truly an inspiration and gives clear evidence that if you really desire success you can achieve it! Time after time, despite the obstacles, you stayed positive and remained committed to your goals. And now, after so many years of challenges, you are reaping the benefits of your determination. It’s awesome to see your success!

    I’m very happy for you and wish you continued success in achieving all your dreams! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your story Ed!


    P.S. BTW, I really like your header!

    1. Hi Donna,

      Thanks for stopping by, yes with determination and perseverance with can achieve our goals in life. The only hindrance of our success is our selves. Don’t give up and soon you will see the success.

      I hope to see your successful story in the future…

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