How I am getting 200+ unique traffic a day without depending on search engine

Yesterday, while chatting with one of my online friend, she ask me how is the traffic of my personal blog  I told her that the blog is averaging 200+ unique a day.  Then she ask me if they are from search engine. I said no. After that, she started asking me to many questions :).

here are some of them, How the hell you get traffic without doing SEO? Will you share your secrets to me? So does SEO is not needed to get traffic? Are you paying ads to get traffic?

Woooo! I don’t know which one to answer first.

I copy and paste our conversation here, I just corrected some wrong spelling

How the hell you get traffic without doing SEO?

Indirectly I am doing SEO for this blog, but I am not focusing on the traditional SEO ways. If people like what I am posting in my blog, let them spread it. I am focusing on creating content that I believe have value to others.  That’s the way I do SEO for this blog. The traffic are from different social media and related niche forums.

Will you share your secrets to me?

LOL, actually they are not secrets, they are been around for long time, it so happened that many of us put our selves in a box, believing that SEO is the only way to get huge targeted traffic.  I already told you this before,  besides SEO, use social media, web 2.0, and forum as a source of traffic.

Here are the details of what I am doing:

Linkedin, facebook, gplus – I joined groups that related to my blog, I only join groups that have more than 2000 members. From time to time I am visiting those groups and leave comments or like if I found something interesting. This will help me to be noticed by other member of the groups.

After creating my blog post, I share the URL to my wall, then share to all the groups that are related to my blog niche. Sometimes there are members of the group who like my blog entry and recommend to their visitors to read my blog post.  See, I did not ask and beg them to give me back link.

Other members share the link of my blog entry. Imagine, if 100 of them share the link and each of them have 500 friends. Meaning there are already 5,000 potential visitors of my blog entry.  Some of them are very influential, where their friends, networks, and followers will surely visit the link they are recommending.

Note : I use different username for each niche I want to promote to social media sites.

So does SEO is not needed to get traffic?

I am not saying that, but while you’re waiting for the result of all your SEO works, find other ways to gain traffic to your website. We can not depend 100% on search engine traffic, because there are no assurance that when search engines change or adjust their algorithm our site will not be affected.

  Are you paying ads to get traffic?

No! And I don’t have plan to pay for my blog traffic. I invest 30 minutes a day to interact with the groups I belong.

That’s part of our conversation, how I am getting 200+ unique a day from social media.  Focus in creating a valuable content then leverage social media to gain targeted traffic.

Do you have any question about this post? I am happy to hear it. Leave your comment and let’s talk about it..

16 thoughts on “How I am getting 200+ unique traffic a day without depending on search engine

  1. nice sharing ed! thanks for this valuable information. Me too I am thinking other way of getting traffic to my website without relying to google. Anyone who is relying to search engine traffic will surely become broke someday.

    Google should not be the only traffic source of one internet marketer. Google can kill your business instantly!

    Because of this huge changes in google algorithm, many internet marketer learn from it. The creativeness of internet marketer come out.

    We stay tune to all your post ed. Keep posting helpful ideas and tactics.

    1. Leo, yes I’ve learned my lesson depending on google. Even do right now my sites are getting traffic from google I am not putting all my effort in SEO. Since social media is the trend this days I believe it’s good idea take advantage of them. The good thing is that you can get targeted traffic from these sites by joining niche related groups.

      Beside social media, I love the old school forum conversations. You will get noticed by other members of the forums if you share value to the forum. And learn how to appreciate others contribution.

  2. You’re absolutely right, with fast changes of the Big “G”s algorithm affect or even kill other people’s opportunity. But then, the trend of the so called “old school technique” of content sharing with the help of social networking are still the KEY to gain potential traffic without depending on SEO.

    Looking forward for more of your personal thought in gaining traffic. Thanks for the info anyway. 🙂

  3. This is actually pretty smart Ed. I think that many times we tend to over-complicate things and not really think of the basic tools we have available to get in from of the people we want to see our content with not much effort….

    Thanks for the tips!


    1. Hi Jeremy,

      Thanks for stopping by. Many of sometimes put our selves in a box of what believe that works and we forgot to get out of the box and see more opportunities

  4. Hey Ed,

    Wow, 200+ visitors per day, that is amazing! Thanks for sharing your tactics with social media. It’s something I need to be looking into more for my blog. Do you have a facebook fanpage?

    Donna Ragland

  5. Nice sharing, even I have wrote in Rand twitter. Google is getting advantage form twitter also. And many SEOs are also believe that now rankings are influencing by social media activities including twitter, LinkedIn, Google + etc.

    And i agree that we don’t have to put everything in one basket.


    1. Yah.. I do believe also that social media is having big part in ranking websites in search engine either direct or indirect way.

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