How I am getting 4000 – 5000 unique traffic a month without search engine

Six months ago I started a post about getting 200 unique a day without depending on search engine traffic.

Today I want to share another technique that will help you to get more targeted traffic to your site.  Take note this technique is very effective to promote affiliate products,  have high conversion rate if you do it right.

Actually this is not a new technique of getting targeted traffic, it so happened that many online marketers forgot it and are now very busy SEOing their site. This technique was very famous as early as 2009 I guess, until yahoo answer do not allow level 1 member to put clickable links on their answers.

I found out that I can still get good traffic from Q and A sites as early as February this year. In my case it’s an accidental discovery, my original purpose  only is to gain backlink from these sites.

Last February, I ask one of my staff to send back links to two of my sites,  and one of the source of the link is q and a sites. He did not mentioned that he answered more than 30 questions for each site that he is promoting.

I only discovered this when I saw the source of traffic in my google analytics.  When I ask him, he told me that he answered many question and leave a link to the website he is promoting.
Here are the screenshots…

Screen shot of the first site for 1 month March 12 – April 12

Here is the screenshot for the second website

This is the second site for 1 month March 12 - April 12
This is the second site for 1 month March 12 – April 12

Does the screen shot is not enough prof that Q and A site are still good source of traffic? Here is a screenshot of my new sites.

Screenshot of traffic from april 5-15
Screenshot of traffic from april 5-15

The above traffic is screen shot of my google analytics from april 5 – 15. The site is relatively new

Screenshot from april 12 - 15
Screenshot from april 12 – 15

The above screenshot is a screenshot of my google analtyics traffic source for my 5 day old website.

One of my customer email me back when I sent this technique to my list, he said, why I am giving away this information for free. I can create a report and sell it for $7  or 17 a copy.

Well, it’s a small piece of information that I want share to my subscribers and blog readers.

Anyway most of them are my customers at, and if they do not have time to do it their self they can request us to do it for them.

It’s a win win situation, they learned a new technique that they can implement to gain more traffic at the same time if they prefer to outsource the job to  us we will earn.

BTW here are some of the question and answer websites that you can try

thefreequentlyaskquestion,,, yahoo answer, quora, aolanswer, and there are many more sites out there which we did not tried it yet.

If you do not have time to do it your self this technique but want to implement to your website. Join and let us do the job for you at very affordable price.

You can use the following discount code  summer2013 to buy credit for as low as $5 per credit instead of $8 per credit. To use the discount code please follow this link


13 thoughts on “How I am getting 4000 – 5000 unique traffic a month without search engine

  1. Hey Ed,

    Great stuff! I too, have forgotten about Q&A sites. I used them for a while when I first started building sites and was getting some good traffic but got side-tracked by doing and learning SEO. 🙂 Thanks for the tip. I will be looking to implement this on my sites immediately. I don’t know if Bring The Fresh covers this…I have to check.

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