How to get motivated, after loosing your motivation?

Have you ever experience the feeling of wanting to give up what you are doing, your dreams, your works, or your projects? For the reason that; you feel no progress of what you are doing no matter how hard work you do. If yes, then welcome to the club :). Most of us in some point of our lives get in this stage. It’s a human nature that I believe there is no way to change it. Even best athletes in the world have their days of less or not motivated.

Here are some reasons in my experience why I  lose my motivations?

  • TiredAt the beginning  stage of a new project I am very excited and motivated. I want to complete this project , I can’t wait for next week to see the result.  What I did is work almost all the time, seems 24 hours a day is not enough for me. Two hours sleep is very long, I need to wake up and continue my project.

    I still remember one time my wife told me that I love more my laptop than her because I spend more time to my laptop than to her, I don’t know if she is joking or not  :). After a week of hard work and sleepless nights, I found my self losing my drive to work, not as excited as week before.I was very busy for the entire week no social life. Eating, showering, and sleeping is the only time of my rest. Since my body and mind is very tired already, I am no longer productive which cause me to lose my motivation.
  • Bored I bet you agree with me if I say that in some point of your life, you feel dull. Ah! Here I am again sitting in front of my laptop, checking my email inbox, checking my facebook account, googling, chatting with customers, employees, and colleagues, posting in the forum, replying support, marketing my services, lunch time, then go back to my laptop and continue what I am doing, oh it’s dinner time, I am done, back in front of my laptop, yes! it’s 1:00 AM time to sleep.
    I remember this is also my routine last Monday, Same On Tuesday, Same Yesterday, And I guess tomorrow also :). I feel bored I don’t wan to work any more I want changes and I lose my motivation.
  • To much expectation – When I got a new idea I really feel excited on this idea and most of the time I am expecting to much from this idea. This is it, I will be a millionaire from this idea in 1 month. But after a month nothing happens with the idea I am expecting to make me millionaire. What happen? I lose my motivation to continue the brilliant idea that in the beginning I believe it will works.
  • Distractions – I discuss this topic in my previous blog entry. One of the biggest reason why many of us lose our motivation is distractions.  We are not productive the whole day long because of so many distractions that we are entertaining, which is not part of our daily tasks. Some of them are chatting, FB, checking emails from time to time, watching tv, and other distractions. At the end of the day we feel frustrated of the result of our one day work.
  • Lose of interest – This is the last reason in my experience why I lose motivation. There are works or ideas that I want to implement right away but because of delays and other reason I lose my interest to that idea or work.

How to get motivated again?

  • Get Some Rest – If machines need rest, then human deserve to get more rest. If you’re think that you will be more productive if you work 24 hours a day, then I tell you, you are wrong.  We can not work and think well if our body and mind is tired. We are risking our health instead. Our body needs at least 7-8 hours sleep to regenerate our energies. If you get enough sleep and rest, you will never lose your drive to work for  your goals.
  • Have a breakWhen you feel bored, stop what you are doing.  Go out and have some fun. You can go to the mall and shop, if you don’t have money for shopping then watch movie :). 
    You can ask your friends, wife, husband , or children to do something different like cooking for a change. Or maybe you need a 1 week vacation to the beach to inhale fresh air. Bottom line is to fine a way that make you relax and  help you restore your motivation.  As soon as you feel motivated again go back to what you are doing before you have a break.
  • Watch  or listen inspirational audio and videos  –  Inspiration videos, quotes, and audios are very powerful to restore our motivations. I’ve proven this many times.
  • Do Not Entertain Distractions – Why many of us are not productive? Because we entertain to much distractions in our daily tasks. For examples chatting, opening our emails from time to time, reading twitter and facebook messages, sharing pictures, and many more.  The best solution to avoid all these distractions is to write your to do list before you start your day. Since all the distractions are not part of your to do list you will not entertain them , you will then only focusing on what listed in your to do list.  You will become more productive and more motivated by following this tip.

That’s all folks.. thanks for dropping by, I love to hear your comments, questions or suggestion in the comment box.


5 thoughts on “How to get motivated, after loosing your motivation?

  1. Hi Ed,

    Its good to see all these reasons laid out in back and white. I think it will enable people to understand the problems more and therefore make it easier to deal with them. I am currently trying to work out which tasks to do at what time of the day, I am sure there is an optimum time to do certain things. I do like to check emails first thing in the morning to get my brain going but then I get distracted. I tend to watch inspirational videos later in the afternoon when I start to slow down a bit. I must also work in some exercise into my schedule.

  2. Nice to read your blog! It feels like I am not alone!

    Because I feel that too. It’s like having a regular job that you don’t want to work anymore and wanted to resign.

    I am internet marketer too and when I started online it’s very exciting at first and very motivated. Then after some years you’ll feel bored and tired which will soon affect your incomes and your productivity. And it also affect your health when you are always in front of computer for quite long hours. In my experience I feel I am candidate for heart attack because I felt some symptoms of it. This maybe because I am always infront of computer and my routine is wakeup, shower, eat, sit infront of pc, then sleep and wakeup again. That is very bad for our health. We need to do some work that is out of the computer.

    For me I am now doing farming, like gardening and planting vegetables in my father farm. This makes me sweat and it feels good after some hard work in farm. Instead of spending money in gym i would love to do gardening because it is one of my hobbies. What about you what is your hobbies? Your hobby should be out of computer world and makes your body moving and makes your mind relax. I am nature lover and I love seeing greens in my surroundings. I think it can also help my eyes to relax after working too much infront of computer.

    Don’t work overnight unless emergency and necessary, it sucks your body energy and will make your immune system weak. Just work at day times and spend times for your family, your kids, and friends during weekends and night. Socializing should not always online, make socializing even offline.

    Sometimes it is not the money that motivates our self. Sometimes we feel it that it is not just about money we wanted in life. We should have a deep reason to continue and be motivated again not just for our self but for others too.

    How to get motivated again? What Ed’s tell above is all needed. Plus get a deep reason why you need to pursue whatever you are doing to get you moving. Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done!

    1. Hi Leo,

      Yah.. I feel what you feel during those days… the routine is almost the same everyday. But now I see to it that I have some life beside my computer. I love driving, roadtrip is my favorite past time.

  3. Hi Ed,
    Know exactly how you feel. All those long nights sitting in front with the computer. Hell, my wife reckoned I may as well get an android for a companion! Thank goodness those days are long gone.

    I have made the decision that if I can do it, I’ll do it. But not at the expense of my family. I’ll work no longer than the average 8 hour day on this stuff if required. There are some days where I just chill out and don’t do anything with the computer. This helps to recharge the body and brain so when I get back to work I have renewed enthusiasm and fresh outlook at things when planning.

    I noticed that you have a pop up on entry to your blog. I don’t know whether it’s helping with your opt-ins or not. Perhaps if you delayed the popup for about 15-30 seconds might have a better result. The reason being (just my opinion) is that whoever clicked on a link to your blog, clicked the link because there was something they thought might be interesting about your post. If you let them get to the post and read a bit first, then the popup comes. It’s a bt more subtle.

    I noticed your giveaway is about creating backlinks, to get better rankings in Google I presume. Creating back links is one way to improve rank. Another way that can improve ranking is by SEO. If you don’t have many backlinks and want to get ranked high quickly without getting bitten on the backside by the Google Penguin update then all that is required is a little bit of tweeking.

    For more info on this, check out the SEO posts on my blog.



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