Learn How I Earn $1,800 In Two Months From An Ugly And Almost Forgotten Website

Since I posted the topic about “in 14 days I made $265 from I thought dead site” in one of my site (It’s a filipino language blog) , numerous people have approached me asking if I can share with them how I did it. In that post I mentioned that the site is about phone number website.

This is all about phone number website, wherein the site lists all possible combination of phone numbers all across the US. And by the time there is someone who searches for a US phone number in the US, there will be a likely chance that my website will appear. I am  earning money using affiliate program that is related to the said niche. Spokeo is the affiliate program I’ve been using.

I have become affiliate member of Spokeo last October 16, 2012. To date, I have already made $1,800 in terms of profits. This is a clear proof that anyone can earn money with this type of niche. You have to also take note that having this website is not complicated. It is a setup and forget type of website.

For the past two months, many people have been bugging me to tell them how I did it. But I always say to them to give me more time to ensure that my first website will really work out.

After one month, my second website has begun to gather traffic and currently, it has an average of 100+ unique visitors per day. I have also applied it to other affiliate programs to test if I can earn less or more income using the same principle.

So, if in one month my website has already accumulated great amount of traffic coming from search engine, it is safe to assume that this type of website could be easily ranked on search engines and could likewise gather traffic in no time.

As what Internet Gurus said, “Traffic is money when it comes to online marketing.” Let’s say I have 100 unique visitors per day but my conversion will only be one percent. I can guarantee $13 per day commission if I will promote  Spokeo affiliate program. Within the span of 30 days, I could expect $390 in terms of profits. What if I will create 10 more sites that could possibly earn, say, $200 a month? In one month, I can have $2000. Right now, I am building my 10 other sites. After 1-2 months, I will share with you all if I have met my target of $2000 a month from these 10 phone number websites.

For those who want to get started with this type of website, here is what exactly I did in my two websites:

•    I have registered a domain related to phone number niche (phoneinfolookup.com). My suggestion when it comes to TLD is to use .org or .com.
•    Afterwards, I have purchased hosting space. You need a reliable webhosting for this type of site so when the time comes you have accumulated great amount of traffic, you will not worry about its possibility of having any problems.
•    Create a custom script for this type of website. If you are a coder, you can create your own script or if you have a budget, you can hire someone who can create a script for you. Experts may charge you $100 – $ 200 depending on the features you wish to include on the script. Or, you can get my script right now absolutely for FREE. I will give you the details later.
•    Install the script and ensure everything is working fine.
•    Link building – this is essential to let your site generate traffic. But don’t worry. You don’t have to be an SEO guru to do this. I have only used simple and basic link building techniques on my two websites.

a)    You only need to have 3-5 SBM per day (Just remember not to have a pattern in your promotion. Google might detect that your back links are not natural.)

b)    You also need 2 sets of UAW submission per week (If you do not have a UAW account or you do not have budget for it, you can instead spin your articles and distribute it to article directories. But you don’t fret if you don’t know how to write articles, as there are other link building techniques that you can take advantage of and would not require article. Examples of these methods are article directory submission, blog commenting and forum public profile).

c)    RSS Feed submission (Create static RSS feed as many as you can. (You can create static page RSS feed for this site html2rss.com)

d)    Authority public profile back links (This is just optional but I already did this soon after my website was included in search engine rankings.)

Do these link building techniques gradually in 1 ½ months to avoid being penalized. You have to be patient. Being patience can save you from troubles of not earning money if you choose to rush all things.

•    Analytics – It is important to monitor your website’s traffic status to know if you are doing it right or you have to adjust something in your method.

•    Monetize – This is the last part I have done in the process. If you see positive results and your website’s traffic increases, find a way to monetize it. You can monetize it simply by using AdSense or other Pay Per Click Programs. Furthermore, you can base your promotion according to what I have done to promote affiliate product. So far, Spokeo is the only program I have tested. I’m testing new ones as of now. If it is has positive results, I will give you updates.

That’s all! The pointers mentioned above are the ones I have used and done to make my website works! Basically, anyone can follow what I have done. If I’m currently earning $800+ per month just because I’ve followed the process stated above, I’m certain that all of you will have the potential to also earn as much as I’m earning, or even more than mine two months from now!

How Can You Get The Script I’ve Used On My Websites For Free?

If you are interested to have this type of website and earn as much as I’m earning right now from my phone number website, but you can’t create your own script or you don’t have the money to pay for someone else, here is how you can have the script I used on http://findusphone.com. Also, included here is the database of all states and cities in the US:

1.    Register a domain from godaddy.com using my affiliate link. If you want to have this type of website, you need to have, of course, a domain. All you have to do is to use my affiliate link to buy your domain.
2.    Buy web hosting from bluehost using my affiliate link. I recommend their service for this type of website. Just like domain, this is also a requirement for you to have your own website.
3.    Once you have bought your own domain and hosting using my affiliate link, send me an e-mail of your receipt from goddaddy.com and bluehost. My email is edpudol1973@gmail.com.
4.    This is optional. If you want  me to install the script on your server, please provide me your hosting login details.

That wraps it up! I hope to hear from you after two months and share with us your success story.

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