Part 2 : After Panda & Penguin Update What Link Building That Works?

Here is my second answer to the question “After
Panda & Penguin Update What Link Building That

Video Marketing And Slide Share Marketing

With the recent popularity of video marketing, you
cannot disregard this as part of your online marketing.
Many online users prefer watching video rather
than reading articles.

This is the reason why youtube ranks number 3
in the most viewed and visited website in the world.
Youtube is averaging 800 million unique visitors
every month.
This is a clear indication that Internet users are shifting
from reading articles to watching videos.

Maybe you are asking now, what is the relationship
of video marketing to link building?

Do you still remember those days, when almost all
SEO gurus and Internet marketers tell everyone
to write an article and submit to article
directories? Article is very effective in gaining
back link those days, because Google loves article
directories and many Internet users republish
them on their websites and blogs.

When other people syndicate your article, you will
get free back links from the website of that person
who syndicated your article.

Like article marketing, video marketing is the
new trend now. Bloggers are embedding videos from
youtube to their blog posts to attract more
visitors. Many bloggers do not just embed videos
to their blogs; they are also sending
links to the website of the video owner
as a form of courtesy .

Beside from the free and high quality back link
that bloggers may give to your site. You may also
get targeted traffic from your youtube videos.

Have you seen those youtube videos showing in
google search result? What if the the video showing
in the serp is one of your videos? Imagine how many
traffic you will get from it.

If you are not using video marketing yet, I suggest
you consider using it as soon as possible.

Why did I include slide share marketing in my answer?

I discovered recently, that we can get high quality
back link from those slide share websites like
Also bloggers and website owners who like your
presentation may send back link to your website.

One more thing, I discovered also that you can
use slide share websites to rank a keywords fast
and easy, especially long tail keywords.

I hope I can discuss how to
earn from it in the future.

If you do not have time to create your own video
and power point presentation, try our video and
power point presentation services here

Thank you, watch out for my third answer…

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