To much load of jobs, I can’t move on

It’s been a week or more I guess that I am working on the new script of my outsourcing website where we are offering outsourcing services to fellow online marketers. I am broke right now , this is the reason why I am doing the script my self. No fund to pay coder right now.

I am stock right now and no movement for my online coaching. I want to implement those what I’ve learned so far but I need to complete the one I am working right now to.

Hoping to complete this script in next 7 days… and continue my lesson and implement all those which I’ve learned from my online coaching.

The first plan I want to create is not yet completed… and I have new plan..

3 thoughts on “To much load of jobs, I can’t move on

  1. Hi Ed,

    Don’t get too down.

    Just make sure you keep working hard and never give up. I do think what is important though is the fact that you need to follow a plan.

    Prioritise what needs to be completed first and set a timeplan out for you to do this.

    Keep focusing and success will come your way.


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