Why 3 tier or pyramid type of website will work?

Here are some of the reason why this link 
building technique will work if you do it right:
1. You are creating a blog that related to 
your target website. We both know that back link  
from related website is considered as quality
back link.
This is the reason why many seo guru is suggesting
to do guest blogging, to get back link from
site that related to your target url.
2. If you establish the authority of these blogs in
the long run, you can use them to gain high quality
back links to your new websites.
Since you established their authority, they are providing 
high quality back link to your website.
3. Since most web 2.0 sites are considered by google
as authority sites, your blogs will become
authority faster.
4. These blogs can rank faster in google search
result than new website. They will be a good
source of traffic
If you do not have a time to do it your self, try
our 3 tier link building services at
One more note, if you submit your high quality 
articles to other  blogs or article directories.
If they rank high from search engine and got 
tones of traffic the owner of the blog will
earn from your hard work, but if your web 2.0 blog
will get tones of traffic you can monetized it
and keep the earnings 100%.
If you have any question or suggestion about this
topic please let me know...

2 thoughts on “Why 3 tier or pyramid type of website will work?

  1. Thx for sharing with us. I could be worthy once we aplly all things as you suggested. I was quite confused but now i am clear that i will work if we do work for our blogs first and update it frequently and published it on different SB and rss directory sites.

  2. Whenever we published a post on our blog it comes up at Top position on Google, but after short span of time it disappeared. But from now we will do Social bookmarking, submit at other blogs or article directories and update it time to time.

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