Why other EMD sites were not affected by the recent update

If you’re one of those who was affected by the recent EMD
crackdown of Google and wondering why other EMD sites are still
there,strong and some of them are even climb higher position.

Here is the result of our investigation to our 50 EMD sites, some
of them are affected and many of them was not affected.

1. Most of the sites that remain and even climb to their rankings
was shared more than 50 times in facebook, twitter, linkedin,
google plus, and youtube

2. All of the 39 sites have their own youtube channels while the 11
sites affected have no channels in youtube.

3. All 39 sites only have 3% or lower keyword density

4. Keyword has been use in the title combine with other phrase or

5. Keyword has been use in the h1 tag, combine with other phrase or

6. All affected site use more than 30% of the keyword as anchor
text while the 39 sites only use 20% or lower as anchor text.

7. All 39 sites have more than 15 post and the 11 sites have only
2-4 post

8. And lastly to our observation is that all our site that was not
affected have link to one or more authority sites related to it.
For example one of our niche is about SEO we link to google.com,
SEOmoz, and Bing.com

We tried to fix this problem with our 11 sites, hope in the next
few days or weeks they will recover.

17 thoughts on “Why other EMD sites were not affected by the recent update

  1. Please can you give some time to evaluate this blog because it is affected 29 SEP 2012 and i request to to google for reconsideration site they said no manual action taken to your blog. i lost all my traffic and no keyword found in serps.
    url needforspeedfreedownload.blogspot.com

    1. Hi Peter,

      Right now there are no proven solution yet, but here are some solution that I am suggesting that you may try.

      Option 1:Request for site de-index from google. After your site is fully de-index by google buy new domain and transfer the content of the old domain to your new domain.

      Then do slowly link building, remember to apply keyword diversity on your anchor text, social media and video back links.

      Option 2:
      Try to get high quality back links from related sites, or from web 2.0 sites. Social media sites, and video sites. Use your keyword as your anchor text but not more than 20% of all your total back links.

    1. Hi Jasmin,

      In your case you are lucky because your position is drop only to page 5 which is mean you can go back to first page in shorter period of time.

      My suggestion is get high quality back link try to reverse engineer those sites in the first page.

  2. Good to read this post.
    Waiting for latest update by you.
    I have 6 emds as well.
    I am not linking any over here but all of them lost their rankings.

    1. gallery site of a model – this is completely gone. used to rank #1
    2. software site – this came back to 2nd page. it used to rank #4.
    3. amazon site – i am not surprised this got hit but then again there is a similar site on the 1st page which is nothing but a simple landing page with little content, 1 image which is linking to a third party site.
    4. original single page site – .info domain but lost complete ranking. surprising enuff that a similar domain ranks 4th for this keyword. this website has the below content :
    Index of /

    Apache/2.2.22 (Unix) mod_ss
    5. Another software site – used to rank #1 and is now pushed to page 2. no arguments on this one. maybe it deserved it.
    6. gallery site of a super model. gone completely.

  3. Hi, thank you so much for the comparision, it is extremely interesting and gives us something to work on 🙂

    All of my emd sites were hit and they were updated regularly, no later than 3-4 days all with personally written relevant content no less than 500 words. I’ve been very carefull with anchor text density from the backlinks 🙁

    I’m desperately searching for a solution and thinking of transfering the content over to a new ‘brand’ domain. But one of my main concerns is that…

    1.) I’m worried the emd penalty will pass over – but is that possible if the new site is a ‘brand’ not emd?

    I have put a lot of time into my emd domains and they have a lot of content i would really hate to waste, plus once upon a time the emd sites did rank well (two were hit by penguin and the other 3 by emd update) and the backlinks would be good to pass the juice over.

    A content transfer to a new combined brand site would save a lot of time and energy and the link juice and previous authority may help the new site rank better.

    2.) Do you think i take away the gamble of passing any penalties from the original sites away and cut my losses and start a totally new domain, from scratch with no 301 redirects and content transfer?

    Your opinions an wisdom would be extremely appreciated 🙂

    Many thanks and kind regards!

    1. Hi Soph,

      If you want to transfer the old content to new website without worrying on penalty of duplicate and passing the emd penalty, I suggest that you request for de-index the entire site first. After the site is fully de-index shutdown the site and use the old content to your new site.

      I don’t recommend 301 redirect, it may pass the penalty to the new site

  4. Great thank you, but surely i shouldn’t have to do it if i get them de-indexed first?
    Thank you for all your help and advice 🙂

  5. Glad to read this post Sir Ed. Honestly, I’m doing Off-Page SEO in one of the site that I’m handling but unfortunately my client downloaded a plugin called “page tagger” and because he tags many words in different posts without thinking that it could affect his site, our site now is terribly hurt by the update. I am not sure but probably the duplicate content issue that we are facing is due to the tags pages because as I’ve seen in search there were I guess less than hundred tags that were ommitted by Google because of the duplicate content issue. As of now, we lost ranking in most keywords which means our site from specific keywords were totally disappeared. Thank God Google still indexed our website, however, I would like to recover those keyword ranking we have before. Any suggestion?

    1. Here is what I am going to do if I were you, I will install the “Platinum SEO Pack” wordpress plugin if you’re using wordpress then under the settings of the plugin check the Use noindex for Tag Archives to avoid the dups issues.

      Also try to increase the authority of your domain, so that inner page ranking will follow soon

      1. Hi again Sir Ed, that’s also one of the solutions I’ve thought, however, my client got confused so instead of doing such he just disabled the “page tagger” wordpress plugin so as I’ve checked a while ago yes all those contents were already disappear but each of those tag pages are now “not found”. My question is, do you think it will affect the site? or, is it advisable to just remove all those hundreds tags that he created?. My client is also using Platinum SEO pack, can i still inform him to select “no-index, follow” for those tags even though the page tagger is already disabled? I’m also confused about this matter because I haven’t encounter such before. Hope to read your good suggestion. Thanks.

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